Meteghan, Nova Scotia
Gilles Comeau, Proprietor
Phone:1- (902)- 645-3550

Clare Beverage has produced pop for almost 75 years.

In 1921, when Clare Beverage was founded, there was no electricity in the Clare area. Edward Belliveau, his son Emile and his friend Johnny Boudreau established the business in Meteghan River. The company still produces several flavours of pop in Meteghan River almost 75 years later.

"Pic Poc" motors with belts were first used in the production of pop. The manufacturing plant also included two tubs to wash the bottles, a bottling machine, a large tank in which the pop was prepared and a small stove to heat the building. There was a small truck for deliveries between Beaver River and Smith's Cove. The ferry in Meteghan was used to transport the product to Digby neck.

Cases of 24 bottles sold for 85. The flavours included : orange, strawberry, sarsaparilla, root beer, lime, cream soda, raspberry, cherry, ginger ale (golden and dry) and eventually cola. The pop was produced from Monday to Thursday and delivered Friday and Saturday of each week. Two flavours were produced per day. During World War II, production was halted due to sugar rationing.

The business also had the use of an ice-house. In the winter, ice was cut on local lakes and stored in the ice-house under sawdust for use in the summer. The stores where the pop was delivered had small coolers in which blocks of ice were placed with the pop, in summer as in winter. This was done before the arrival of the refrigerators. The production of the pop comprised of the preparation of a syrup. Sugar was dissolved in water overnight in a tank. The next day, the citric acid, flavour and the colour were added. Today, the times and equipment have changed, but the present proprietor is continuing the same tradition in the manufacture of the product. The business changed hands a few times over the years, but the good taste has not changed. The preoccupation with quality has remained. The flavours available today are : orange, cream soda, lime, root beer, strawberry and ginger ale. The reintroduction of cola is planned.

Taste Clare's original pop. It is much better than the other brands because its original taste has remained.

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